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Site News #2: SSL and Creamery

Hello again, everyone.

As you may know, this site has suffered from the lack of SSL encryption since the first day it was online. In those early days, I didn’t really know or understand the importance of encryption in general. As I gained more and more experience, it became disturbingly apparent that encrypted connections were imperative to not only my own security, but the security of all our subscribers.

However, I still hadn’t the motivation to both generate a key and have it signed (although I did generate an unsigned one for my storage use). Finally, Let’s Encrypt came into existence which provided an extremely low effort way of getting a signed cert for free. Therefore, all cheesewatergames hosts are SSL protected! This means that when you log in, your data transactions between this site and you cannot be read even if it’s intercepted! Feel free to use our site now, assured that your information is safe.

On another note, we’ve launched another site called Creamery which is where all our development will be taking place. The word creamery was chosen because the place where cheese is made is called a creamery, and since we’re Cheese-Water Games, and we make things, we thought it was fitting. You can find the site here. It’s pretty empty right now, and if you sign up, you’ll pretty much see nothing. That’ll change though. The sources (that we still have) for our old stuff will land there. Some maintenance for legacy games will take place there too so old stuff may be getting updates sooner or later.

That’s all I have for now. Keep watching here for continued update. We’re still here.