Experience Point 2/3: What it Means to Be a Gamer

Hello again, after the long delay.  I was moving in to my college place. Then I was being in college for my sophomore year. Now I’m not. The first two sentences of this paragraph show how long since I’ve started on this draft.

There are really two meanings behind being a gamer – a boring, mundane one, and one that’s actually worth thinking about.  Let’s save the best for last, and do the boring one first.

Site News

Site News #6: Site is Offsite

Hello, everyone.
It’s been a while. Did you miss us?

Patrick and I had both ended up taking a hiatus from this site and its works while he was in school. You had heard from me a few times regarding some infrastructural changes to this site in preparation for another wave of hard work this summer, but once those were all finished, there wasn’t much left for me to do.

That’s over now, and here we are stirring again to bring you, if nothing else, some more opinions and points of interest to get you through the summer months.

Before the show got started, however, I wanted to be sure to meet my goal of getting this site hosted offsite, and lo and behold, the time has finally come! With it, we also invite a new change of top level domain. As you probably have seen now, we’ve done away with “” and are now Although the site shows no appreciable change externally, it brings a positive change of perception from the outside world. It brings Cheese-Water Games one step closer to legitimacy. Hopefully it’ll make it easier for you all to remember us too.


I’m Back.


As you may have noticed, I have bad habit of stopping updates once school get back in. I guess you should start expecting that, since it happens so reliably, though I will try to see what I can do next time. Anyway, I’m not dead. Just wanted to let you know that.

Ideally, the next regular post will go up some time around this Sunday. It’ll be longer than this one.