Experience Point 2/3: What it Means to Be a Gamer

Hello again, after the long delay.  I was moving in to my college place. Then I was being in college for my sophomore year. Now I’m not. The first two sentences of this paragraph show how long since I’ve started on this draft.

There are really two meanings behind being a gamer – a boring, mundane one, and one that’s actually worth thinking about.  Let’s save the best for last, and do the boring one first. Continue reading “Experience Point 2/3: What it Means to Be a Gamer”

Experience Point 1/3: The Context of Violence

Here we are with the age-old discussion of violence in video games.  The problem is that violent video games may or may not cause violent behaviors; this Crash Course Games episode describes it well in a nutshell.  And I am here to say that maybe we have been looking at the problem incorrectly.

In one corner, we have many people, especially parents understandably, who believe that violence in video games influences people to enact violence in real life.  They reason that Continue reading “Experience Point 1/3: The Context of Violence”