Electric Registration

Electric RC1 Now Unrestricted

As mentioned in the last post, Electric RC1 is now open for download by anyone, not just subscribers. We chose to do this because that version of Electric no longer represented how Electric would look or play in the final release. RC2 will be released sometime around the end of the month. That one will still be restricted. Our reasoning for that is that we want the game to feel new and exciting for the majority, and by everyone having the final pre-release build, the final release may not feel as special. However, you will be able to download it as much as you want by registering for an account. We love having people interested in what we do, so as our small thank you, you will receive access to the latest stuff.


Account Creation Problems

Dear CWG followers,

First off, I would like to thank each an every one of you who have subscribed to our website. It is you who we strive to create content for, and you who will ultimately help us achieve our goals too simply by just signing up for this site.

Unfortunately, when we migrated servers, our registration page did not retain our previous customizations, and thus reverted back to the default registration method. This means that users were required to wait for an email containing their temporary login passwords for the site, but that email was not setup to actually send. Therefore, we had about 54 “locked” accounts dormant on our website. For that, we apologize.

While this issue has been corrected for all future registrants of the website, those who used the faulty registration method still are unable to login. To correct this, a series of emails are being manually sent to all those affected. These emails will contain your username (as a reminder) in the salutation, and also contains a randomly generated login password. You will be given the opportunity to change that password upon first login.