Here are Cheese-Water Games’ earliest graphical games and tools:


“Chase is the best game [Cheese-Water Games] has ever made!” ~ Everyone who has play tested any of our games.

Chase, at its core, is a game where you and an opponent race to collect 100 tokens which are scattered about the screen. There are 20 tokens at any given time, and when one is picked up, another is created in a random location.
However, Chase wasn’t made to be played, but rather to be a reproducible proof of concept for trying new techniques, languages, and APIs.
This iteration was made to test AI pathfinding without barriers.

Frontline RC1

“Sketchbook” is a collection of graphical tests and lessons in RGB color. It’s not a game, just a little application to fool around with.

Frontline Beta 2
Frontline Beta 1
Frontline Alpha 2

“Frontline” is a variant on the ‘capture the flag’ style of game. Here, however, you must capture all the flags.
This game features local multiplayer only (yes, on a single machine).

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