Making Up for Lost Time

Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy holidays! Happy New Year! Happy Et cetera! Remember when I used to post articles here? Good times. It’s been something like four or five months since I last posted, so I have a lot of lost time to make up for. I don’t have any nice big article for you, […]

I’m Back.

Hey. As you may have noticed, I have bad habit of stopping updates once school get back in. I guess you should start expecting that, since it happens so reliably, though I will try to see what I can do next time. Anyway, I’m not dead. Just wanted to let you know that. Ideally, the […]

Summer 2016 Update

“Rando posts.  I’ll get around to it reeeeaaaal soon.” – me, January 1, 2016 As it turns out, college tends to take more time than high school.  I would normally start working on summer projects in April, but this time I couldn’t until finals week (at the beginning of May), and even then, I couldn’t […]


I have been completely silent for the past, like, eight months or something, so I need to apologize and explain why.  Electric is just about done, for real this time, but I haven’t put it up yet.  I’m thinking it will go on IndieDB, but I still need to do a little more research on […]

Site (obviously) Back Up

Hello all. After our extended absence from the web, we’re back online. Our security issue seemed to actually have been within the DNS server we were using. Once that was switched and all machines on the network scanned and caches were cleared, all signs of the breach went away then. Thank you for your patience. […]


Last night, we discovered that 50-odd people made accounts on this site. That’s weird. Aside from the NSA and people who my parents know but I was too young to remember, I didn’t think there was anyone who I didn’t know, but who knew about me. That means that I actually have to start putting […]

Electric RC

Most of this happened over Fall break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break. RC is out, and it’s different. Main menu and Options menu have cool new background, plus the text is less ugly Other menus, the HUD, and the market have a brushed steel background Added a random forest in the battlefield and a river* Added […]