Site News #4: Quiet Month

One could definitely say that there is no point in saying anything if there is nothing to be said. However, I personally don’t like silence from sites and services that I frequent, especially the smaller ones that are prone to dying easily. So in a case like this, I’d rather make a, “yes, we’re still alive” post than keep you guessing. Reading material, if nothing else.

So like the title says, this has been a quiet month. Not much has happened with the site apart from a little WordPress update. I am still definitely considering a new top level domain for the site for reputability purposes, as well as off-site hosing for a lot of other purposes. I just haven’t gotten around to these things.

Finally, Patrick’s semester is quickly coming to a close, and I know firsthand he’s been itching to get to work on some ideas that he’s been incubating for the past month or so. I’d imagine you can expect a post from him in about 2 weeks.

So yeah, we’re alive and well. No need for concern, as this is definitely typical of our productivity during the educational process. We’ve done no math, but we think our productivity drops by 95% during the school year, with only the occasional break or long weekend to sit and re-familiarize ourselves with our own code. Upcoming will be 4 weeks of non-stop doing things, so just hold on a little longer… you two people who ever look at this site. Yes, you’re special do us 🙂