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Site News #3: Time to Clone

Happy Halloween everyone!

This month’s announcement is a little less exciting than last. Not much has changed lately, except for one thing.

Electric’s source code is now properly obtainable through our own Git implementation found at
To download the code, you can either follow that link and click the little download button to get everything in your favorite compressed archive format, or use a git client on your desktop and issue the command:
“git clone”This is publicly available so you should not need a login in order to get it.

You probably noticed that this project is under my username and thought, “I thought Cheese-Water was the mastermind behind all this,” and you’d be right. However, I am now in charge of making maintenance releases of Electric in order to keep it alive while he goes off and makes much better future games. Full credit still goes to him, but any updates such as 1.1 etc. will be made by me modifying his original code.

Finally, as much as we’d like to keep Electric exclusively ours, we are required to keep it open source due to the licensing of QB64 itself (specifically the audio system). Therefore, you are now, and forever will be, allowed to fork it and use it as your own. We only ask that you give us credit for being the original developers and that you modify it somehow before publishing it.

That’s all for now, have fun this Halloween night, and remember to be safe!